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The Latest Funding and Mitigation  News:

Crawford Bill HR 2235
 The Hatchery: National Mitigation Fisheries Coordination ACT

Through the tireless work of Lamar Alexander, TVA, TWRA and the support of Trout Unlimited, TVA announced in May that they realized after two years of fishermen surveys  that there was a need to provide funds for the stocking of TVA tail waters. As of today TVA will from now on provide funding for the East Tennessee tail waters stocking. TWRA will continue to provide transportion for stocking. Fish Production will be provided by the US Dept of  Fish and Wildlife, Hatersiers  in Celina and Erwin Tennessee

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Now that TVA is active thereis a  bill to be offered by Ted Crawford of the house from Arkansas. It is a Mitigation bill  called National Mitigation Fisheries Coordination ACT that will tie TVA and The South Western Power Company of Arkansas into a continual payment for mitigation. We expect it to be out some time in early June. At this time the two Senators from Ark. KY. and Tennessee  along with other Congress people as cosponsors. We will need Tennessee’s’ congressional support.

For those of you that think this will cost the Federal Government money it will not . It comes from the power usage.

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