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    New In Tennessee is Trout in the Classroom (TIC) is a supplementary educational activity made possible through a  partnership between the TWRA and  The Friend of Dale Hollow NFH. Teachers using the program provide a unique experience for their  students and effectively teach lessons in a variety of disciplines.

Trout eggs Raising trout is a hands-on activity that engages students and helps to  connect them to real-life water quality, fish and wildlife issues and  problems...and inspires them to seek solutions. Watching fish hatch from eggs and develop from fry to fingerlings generates enthusiasm among  students and helps them develop caring attitudes about fish species and  their habitats. This is the first step in fostering in students a sense  of stewardship for the planet.

 The program encompasses not only science, but also language arts,  mathematics, social studies and art. The program is easily adapted to  the needs and abilities of students, and geared towards middle and high  school students. The TIC activity guide is correlated to the New Jersey  Science Standards.

 The Friends Dale Hollow NFH supplies Rainbow trout eggs from the Dale Hollow National Fish Hatchery at no charge to teachers who want to raise trout in their classrooms. The friends group  will assist teachers throughout the year. Friends of  Dale Hollow NFH  will deliver eggs, provide in-class programs on topics related to trout, and can help with your release program at the end of the year.

Year old rainbow troutEggs are delivered in August, and during the course of the school year,  students can observe the trout rearing process that culminates in  stocking their  trout into approved streams.

 To get started with Trout in the Classroom for the fall, Contact the Friends group by calling the Hatchery at 931-243-2443

 This program must be incorporated into mainstream school programs.



Colecting warm water fish for the aquarium project. Roaring River Jackson Co.

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Returning  young trout to the Hatchery

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