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 Minutes of 10-24-13 Friends Meeting

Meeting was called to order by Pres. Paul Boyce.

1. Paul asked Andy Currie to write a report for the local newspapers about
    the volunteer work done by Friends members at the hatchery.

2. Due to new monies that have come in and the donation of three new
aquariums, the Friends group will soon be installing fish tanks in
classrooms in Livingston, Cookeville High School, and Cumberland County.
New tanks have previously been installed at Lafayette, Gainesboro, and
Celina K-8 elementary schools.

3.  Dues remain at $10.00 per year.

4.  Andy gave a brief update on the status of the hatchery before and after
the government shutdown. Andy and two other employees worked during the
shutdown and hatchery operations are pretty much caught up at this point.

5.  A report from Howard about the logo for the Friends patches was tabled
until the next meeting.

6.  New Facebook and web page updates are now online.

7. The Wilderness Camp will be held July 14-15, 2014. There was some
discussion about the activities to include in the day camp.

8.   Russ gave a brief financial report.

The meeting was adjourned.


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