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Wilderness Day Camp is July 13 2017
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Guided tour for grade School kids


Jackson County High School  warm water fish aquarium  collection on the Roaring River

On August 25th 2012 there was a formative meeting for a volunteer group to represent the local federal fish hatchery, born from the  threat of potential closing of Celina's number two tourist attraction in 2011. This formation was patterned from other similar groups in the south east. In preparation for the  forming of this group a charter was developed, a board of directors selected and  invitation for members was sent out by the local news papers. The following day the remaining paper work was completed and sent to the fish and wildlife service for acceptance. There was 18 people present at this first meeting where a short video about the hatcheries activities was developed for viewed for the group meeting,  then the discussion turned to the the goals of the group.

 Some of the proposed projects discussed were :develop a web presents, send out visitations  to local schools and act as guides at the hatchery, JOIN stocking trips where trout are stocked in local streams with information about the hatchery ,work the free fishing weekend that is sponsored by TWRA, take the hatchery to local  schools through providing aquarium tanks with small trout and in some cases trout eggs for hatching, develop a slide show with narration about the hatchery on CD for distribution, work with the “Casting in the class room program in middle schools, develop news articles for regional news papers, Promote the “ Biologist – in  - Training “ a 4th grade learning program. Also work toward the political process of making our local, state and national Representatives the need and importance of our hatchery.

 Another Board meeting was planned for September 22nd at 6 PM at the MAC for potential changes in the charter and plans for setting a membership drive. A membership meeting is planed for the first Thursday of October 6th.

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Kelly Measuring Eggs

Rep. Kelly Kiesling helping with the egg lay down

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